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Name:Arias (OC)
Birthdate:Apr 4

Minor Angel Arias, The

The Minor Angel Arias AKA Guiding Voice, Smallest Wing, Little Brother

(Creation - ∞)

Biography (Extended version can be found here!)
Life's hard for a pimp an angel–– especially a minor one. Although Arias grew up under Heaven's hierarchy (which is less eternal sunshine and fluffy clouds than one might imagine) all he knew for centuries were his family and the briefest glimpses of life on Earth. His brothers –all gifted with great talents– left paradise before him, and Arias could only sit and wait patiently until he, too, was judged worthy. It would be centuries of waiting in long lines, delivering memos, and listening to the wisdom of a distant father before Arias would finally get his chance to fulfill his duties on Earth.

Finally, sent to Earth and charged with the task of guiding troubled souls back into the fold, Arias chose to situate himself in the one place with more lost souls than found: Hollywood. His (Earthly) employment is spread out between various talent agencies, where he works as a mail clerk and occasionally an assistant. This is all a charade, of course, but one that helps him get closer to his charges.

Arias is thoughtful and kind, if a bit profoundly naive. Thanks to his upbringing, he has a moral superiority complex about a mile long. (God's way is God's way is God's way.) Arias means well, but is about as street smart as, well, an angel. He cares deeply for his charges, however, and would spare no effort in doing the best he can to help guide them back to the light.

Above all else, Arias is loyal and family-oriented. He trusts in his father's mission and brothers' guidance, and truly believes they're doing good work on Earth. He strives to pass along the sense of belonging he feels around his family, but this isn't always welcomed or taken well. As much trouble as his brothers (all thousands of them) have given him in the past, at this moment in time he'd never dream of disobeying them or compromising their mission.

[The mun and muse are both over 18. Original character concept belongs to me, Bradley James belongs to himself.]
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